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Technical Introduce Contract Registration Certificate Procedure

2015-04-07 13:45:46

It is only permitted for foreign-invested enterprises.

1. Chinese enterprise registration application report, brief introduction of the enterprise, technical contract, sum, validity;
2. data form, application form can be downloaded in the page and printed out and sealed with enterprise’s cachet;
3. contract attachment and its copies, attached with Chinese version and enterprise’s cachet;
4. copies of Chinese enterprise’s business license;
5. copies of Chinese enterprise permission certificate(only foreign-funded enterprises need to provide), or copies of qualification( only foreign trade or import-export enterprises to provide)
6. copies of foreign enterprise foundation and registration permission;
7. state-owned enterprise introduced program and its superiors’ reply if have;
8. Details about technical introduced capital( remark: foreign enterprises refer to overseas enterprises with signed contract; Chinese enterprises refer to state owned enterprises with signed contract. 

Handling Procedures:
1. refer to Chinese Confined or Forbidden Introduced technical List
2. any technical confined or forbidden to introduced in technical should apply for National Business Affairs Science and Technology Dept. to approve;
3. any free to introduced technical must be handed to Xi’an Foreign Economic&Trade Bureau with related materials(three copies) for initial approval and then transfer the approved documents to Commerce Department of ShaanXi Province;
4. Commerce Department of ShaanXi Province will issue the Technical Introduced Registration Certificate.

Handled by: Science and Technology Development Department
Person in charge: Zhou Keshi
Contact Tel: 028-87855281
Address: Room602, Foreign Trade Mansion, 68# of south ring middle part