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Registered Capital Change Approval of Foreign-invested Enterprises

2015-04-07 13:46:45


Enterprises which are accordance with the "Company Law", "Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law", "Sino-Foreign Cooperation Business Enterprises Laws", " Foreign Invested Company Laws" 
Application Information:
1. Application of the total invests sum and registered capital and the original document of respective counties, the development zone foreign trade for approval. 
2. The original resolution or decision paper of revised company's contracts, and regulations from the Board of Directors.
3. The revised original contract and regulations signed by legal invest representatives of the company. 
4. Certificate issued by legally established capital verification institution (original; only applicable for capital replenishment). 
5. Newspapers samples of capital reduction notice (original; only applicable for capital reduction). 
6. Original approved certificate of former foreign-invested enterprise, with original attachment. 
7. Attachment of business license (copies with company seal). 
8. Other materials required by approving authority. 

Handling procedures 
1. Handle the change application materials for approval of foreign-funded enterprises. 
2. Review the change application materials for approval of foreign-invested enterprises. 
3. Approve the change applications for foreign-invested enterprises. 
4. Issue the renewal certificate of foreign-invested enterprise.
Handled by: Xi'an Foreign Investment Management Division of Foreign Trade Bureau 
Time:  From Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) at 9: 00 - 12: 00 am, 1: 00 - 5: 00pm 
Deadline: within 5 working days 
Charge standard: Free of charge 
Contact Tel: 87862617, 87862633, 87862638 
Address: Window of Foreign Trade Bureau, Citizen Service Center, No. 68, in the middle of south ring road, Xi'an.