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Foreign Invested Enterprises Business Shift Approval

2015-04-07 13:47:53

Enterprises which are accordance with the "Company Law", "Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law", "Sino-Foreign Cooperation Business Enterprises Laws", " Foreign Invested Company Laws" 

Application papers must be prepared

Initial approval
1. Documents approved by Development and Reform Department;
2. Industries and programs are approved by relevant authorities and get the approved papers and permits.

Application materials (attached with list)
1. Application of business shift and local and development zone documents(the original ones);
2. Decision paper made by Board of Directors according to laws(the original ones);
3. Contract and modified rules signed by enterprise’s legal representative;
4. Business involved initial approval document and permit must be handed in(the original ones and copies with company’s cachet);
5. The original certificate and its attachment of foreign invested enterprise;
6. The business license attachment(copies must be with company’s cachet)
7. Other materials required by authorities;
8. If an enterprise’ business scope is mostly changed, it must be handed in the documents of Development and Reform Committee.

1. Receive the change approval applications materials of foreign invested enterprises;
2. Censor the change approval applications materials of foreign invested enterprises;
3. Approve the change approval applications of foreign invested enterprises;
4. Issue the Certificate for foreign invested enterprises.

Handled by: Foreign Fund Management Department
Time: Monday to Friday except public holidays 9:00-12:00am; 1:00-5:00pm
Deadline: within 5 working days 
Charge: free of charge