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Foreign Invested Enterprise's Approval Document and Certificate

2015-04-07 13:48:42

Enterprises which are accordance with "Company Laws", "Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law", "Sino-Foreign Cooperation Business Enterprises Laws", "Foreign Invested Company Laws".

Application papers
1. the application document of JV and that of Foreign Trade Dept. in local and development zone;
2. contract and regulations signed by each party of JV or its authorized party;
3. Qualifications and identification of JV parties (the foreign party must get the both authentication of its national authorities and the Chinese embassy there. Investors' qualifications and identifications belong to Hong Kong, Macon and Taiwan must provide the local documents.
4. foreign investors' credit document;
5. program approval notice
6. board of directors name lists with investors' signature, ID copies and board members' accreditation paper( members of Chinese nationalities must provide the CV)
7. notice of name confirmation notice of Industrial and Commercial Administrative Departments
8. Legal Address Rent Agreement, real estate authentication papers, land administration approval documents;
9. environment influence evaluation documents;
10. other papers related to approval

1. approve the application papers of foreign invested enterprises 
2. censor of the approval application papers of foreign invested enterprises
3. approve the application of foreign invested enterprises;
4. issue the Approval Certificate for foreign invested enterprises

Handled by: Xi'an Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau –Foreign Fund Management Center
Time: From Monday to Friday (except holidays), 8:30-12:30am 14:00-18:00pm
Deadline: within 5 working days
Address: Room303, 3rd F of Foreign Trade Mansion, No.68, in the middle of south ring road, Xi'an