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The Name Change Approval of Investors in Foreign-invested Enterprises

2015-04-08 13:44:09


Enterprises which are accordance with the "Company Law", "Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law", "Sino-Foreign Cooperation Business Enterprises Laws", " Foreign Invested Company Laws" 
Application Information:

1. Investor name change application and the original document for approval in respective counties and development zone foreign trade department.
2. Original supporting documents of investors' name change (Chinese supporting documents of investors' name change issued by a statutory registration authority. Foreign supporting documents of investors’ name change to be notarized by the competent authority of its own state before send to the Chinese embassy in that country. As it has no diplomatic relations with our country, the notarization must be accomplished by the third country which has diplomatic relations with China and has embassy in that country, before sent to China embassy in the third country. Some documents issued by a country’s overseas territories should be initially notarized in the territories, then certified by the diplomatic body, and ultimately certified by the Chinese embassy in the country. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Area investors’ name change documents or agreements shall be in accordance with special provisions or agreement documents provided by local public notary). 
3. The original resolution or decision paper of revised company's contracts, and regulations from the Board of Directors.
4. The revised original contract and regulations signed by legal invest representatives of the company. 
5. Former foreign-invested enterprise original approval certificate and original attachment two. 
6. The attachment of business license (copies with company seal). 
7. Other materials required by approving authority. 

Handling procedures:

1. Handle the change application materials for approval of foreign-funded enterprises. 
2. Review the change application materials for approval of foreign-invested enterprises. 
3. Approve the change applications for foreign-invested enterprises. 
4. Issue the renewal certificate of foreign-invested enterprise.

Handled by: Xi'an Foreign Investment Management Division of Foreign Trade Bureau
Time: Monday to Friday (excluding legal holidays), 9:00 - 12: 00 am, 1:00 - 5: 00 pm 
Deadline: Within 5 working days
Charge standard: Free of charge
Contact number: 87862617, 87862633, and 87862638 
Address: Xi'an Administrative Service Center, Bureau of Foreign Trade Window