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Regulations on the Examination and Approval to Foreign-invested Enterprises

2015-04-15 13:41:04

Permission Conditions

Consistent with the "Company Law", "Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law", "Sino-foreign Cooperative Enterprises Operating Law" and "Foreign Investment Enterprise Law".

Application Information

1. The application reports from joint venture (cooperative) enterprises and the original approval document from the foreign trade ministry in their respective districts or counties.
2. The contracts and regulations signed by the joint venture parties or their authorized representatives.
3. The principal part qualification certificates or the standing identifications of joint venture parties (the foreign investor should be notarized by its country's notarization institution and be attested by the Chinese Embassy in the country. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors' principal part qualification certificates or standing identifications should provide the notary documents of the local notarization institutions.
4. The identification of the foreign investors' information and credit.
5. The project approval letters.
6. The named lists of Board candidates members (with investors' signatures), a copy of valid ID Cards and the accreditation letter from the board members (Chinese board members should provide their personal curriculum vitae).
7. The name approval letters Issued by the industrial and commercial administrative department. 
8. The lease agreements of legal address or the identification materials of the property, land and relative approval documents from the land administration departments
9. The assessment documents about impact on Environment.
10. Other materials required by censorships.


1.  Accepting and hear up the application materials from foreign-invested enterprises. 
2.  Review application materials from foreign-invested enterprises. 
3.  Warranting and seal the application from foreign-invested enterprises. 
4.  Awarding the "certificate of approval" to foreign-invested enterprise.

Transaction institution: Foreign Investment Management Division of Xi'an Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau.
Transaction time: Monday to Friday (statutory holidays excluded), 8:30-12:30 am, 14:00-18:00 pm.
Transaction term: During 5 working days from acceptance.
Transaction Address: Floor 303 Room 3 of Foreign Trade Building, No. 68 of middle the middle part of the South Ring Road, Xi'an.