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Change of Address for the Record Foreign-Invested Enterprises

2015-04-15 13:42:20

Permission Conditions

Consistent with the "Company Law", "Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law", "Sino-foreign Cooperative Enterprises Operating Law" and "Foreign Investment Enterprise Law".

Application information

1. The application reports for changing company's address and the original approval document from the foreign trade ministry in their respective districts or counties.
2. The original agreement and decision made by the company directorate.
3. The company's address identification(providing the copies stamped with the company seal of the certificate title, and provide the original copy for check if it is real estate ownership. for rental housing, providing copy of lease agreement as well as the copy of the renter's certificate title, stamped with the company seal; for the mentioned housing situation, if can not provide the copy of the certificate title, they must provide other using certificate of housing property right which can prove the attribution of the certificate title. If the renter is hotel or restaurant, they also should provide the business license copies stamped with the company seal).
4. The original contract and amended constitution signed by the legal representatives of the company's investor.
5. The reserved copy and two copies of approval certificate of Former foreign-invested enterprise.
6. A copy of business license (stamped with company seal).
7. Other documents required by the censorship.


1. accepting the alteration application materials from the foreign-invested enterprises.
2. censoring the alteration application materials from the foreign-invested enterprises.
3. Granting foreign-invested enterprises to change and put it on records.
4. awarding new "approval certificate" to foreign-invested enterprises. 

Transaction institution: Foreign Investment Management Division of Xi'an Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau.
Transaction time: Monday to Friday (statutory holidays excluded), 9:00-12:00 am., 13:00-17:00 pm.
Transaction term: During 5 working days from acceptance.
Standard and voucher of fees: No charge.
Telephone: 87862617, 87862633, 87862638.
Transaction Address: Municipal Administrative Service Center in Foreign Trade Building, No. 68 of middle the middle part of the South Ring Road, Xi'an.