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Enterprises Applying for Foreign Trade should Submit Relative Materials before Getting Registration

2015-04-15 13:43:17

First, submitting an application report

1. Giving a report in document form to Shaanxi Commerce Department 
2. Introducing the basic situation of enterprises.
3. Providing the contact telephone numbers (fixed telephone, mobile phone) of the general manager and linkman.

Second, handing in the roll call for records

The proposers should enter the web site of Commerce Ministry (http://www.mofcom.gov.cn), and then enter the government on-line, the system for foreign trade operators' registration. Click on registration, and choose the Shaanxi Commerce Department, complete the electronic form and submit it. And then print out both sides of roll call, whose back should have the signature of enterprises' corporation and be stamped with company seal.

Third, business license copy (stamped with companies' seals)
Fourth, copies of organizations and agencies' code card (stamped with enterprises' seals)
Fifth, the English Introduction, main scope, address and contact information of the enterprises.

Enterprises should provide information and materials when getting the changed procedures of foreign trade business operators registration.

1. Submitting the application report for alteration.
2. Completing the roll call for registration .
3. Changed corporations should provide the copies of the changed corporation's ID card.
4. Copy of business license.
5. Copies of organizations and agencies' code card.