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2017-05-18 11:02:45

Ancient Historic Culture City with over 3100 years City-founding History $ over 1200 years Capital-founding History

Xi’an named Chang'an in the ancient times, is an ancient historic culture city with 3,100-year history. Since 1050 B.C.,there were 13 dynasties inclusive of Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Xin (Wang Mang), Western Jin (Mindi), Qianzhao,Qianqin, Houqin, Beiwei, Xiwei, Beizhou, Sui and Tang dynasties founded their capitals in Xi'an for over l,131 years. It is the city where quite a number of dynasties set up their capitals for the longest time, so it ranks first among the six Chinese ancient capitals  and  reputed as one of the four civilized capitals in the world.  In addition, the peasanf rebel army, such as Chimei,Lvlin, Huangcao (Daqi), Li Zicheng (Dashun), also set up their regimes here. In 138 B.C., Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent Zhang Qian to go to the Western Regions as an envoy, which opened up the 'Silk Road' connected with the Eurasia with Chang'an as the starting point, and made Chang'an the distribution center of commodities in the Midwest and China at that time and the earliest city to open up to the outside world in Chinese history. In Tang Dynasty, Chang'an is the first large city with the the population of over one million in the world.