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Xi’an National Civil Aviation Industrial Base (national grade Shaanxi Aviation Economic and Technical Development District)

2015-04-22 17:03:46

Established in Nov. 30th, 2006, Xi'an National Civil Aviation Industrial Base was co-constructed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Shaanxi Provincial Government and Xi'an Municipal Government. It is the national strategic industries aggregation area which is led by civil aviation industry. It is also the biggest civil aviation industrial base in China. In June 2010, it was approved by the state council as the national grade Shaanxi Aviation Economic and Technical Development District.

The base is located at the southeast of Xi'an, with the planned area of 86.65 square kilometers. It focuses on five leading industries: the satellite and satellite application dominated civil aviation industry; the new energy and new light source industry represented by solar photovoltaic and high power semiconductor illumination industry; the digital aviation industry represented by software outsourcing and comic and animation; high end logistics industry which integrates the modernization, information, specialization with the intensification: biomedical and biotech research dominated biomedical industry.

In the last four years, the total fixed assets investments of the base reach 8.59 billion Yuan, with the average growth rate of 172%. 93 investment attractions are realized with the total investment of 49.9 billion Yuan. The average growth rate of domestic investment is 157% and that of the foreign investment is 26%. Enterprises from USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan are attracted.