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FengDong New City of Xi-Xian New Zone

2015-04-22 17:04:30

Located at the Weihe River aggraded valley plain of Guanzhong, Fengdong new city is north to Weihe River and south to Mt. Qinling. Fenghe River passes through the city. Many rivers intersect with each other in the area, including Xinhe River and Shahe River. The landscape is unique. As the origin of Chinese culture, Fengdong new city nourished Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties. The ruins of the famous ancient Gaojing of Zhou Dynasty, Epanggong of Qin Dynasty, Jianzhanggong of Han Dynasty and Kunmingchi of Han Dynasty are all located in the district. The legend of the Cowherd and the Spinning Lady also originates from here. Therefore, the historical cultural deposits are abundant here.

Fengdong new city is the important part of Xi-Xian new district. With the planned are of 159.3 square kilometers, it is west to Fenghe River, east to the West 3rd ring road, and north to Weihe River and south to Xihan express way. The district covers Xi'an Liucunbao Street, Sanqiao Street, Wangsi Street, Doumen Street and Xianyang Fengdong Street. By 2020, the planned population will be 670.000 and the planned construction area will be 75 square kilometers.