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Guiding ideology of the 12th Five-year plan

2015-05-07 11:08:10

Targeted at the construction of international metropolis which has historical culture and aimed at beneficial to Xi'an residents, carry out the six strategies, including competitive industries supporting, advanced culture leading, social management innovation, ecological environment improving, constant improving of people's livelihood and greatly enhancing of international level, to create a new situation of the reform and opening up and modernization construction of Xi'an.

 According to the target of international metropolis construction elaborated in the “Development Plan of Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone", Xi'an will expand its urban development space, gradually realize the ecological isolation of the main urban area from the cities group and the ecological isolation among the city groups, realize the mode of one city with many cores and organized development, and form the international metropolis system structure which is featured by historical culture.

Definite the planning structure of the main urban area

Adhere to the forward scientific planning and optimize the space layout of the city. Gradually establish the pattern of "north to Weihe River and make Weihe River to be the river within the city; south to Juhe River and combine the city with Mt.Qinling; west to Xianyang and realize the integration of Xi'an and Xianyang; east to Lintong and expand the city space". For The main urban area, improve the urban infrastructure and service function and develop the main function of the city. 

Speed up the construction of the three sub-central cities

Make plan at the high standing point and construct the three sub-central cities, including Yanliang, Lintong and Huxian County, Integrate the sub-central cities with the urban construction system of the city. Speed up the infrastructure Construction. Continue the function and industrial transferring of the central city. Accelerate the population concentration and form the larger scale sub-central cities.

Start up the development of the five cities group

Plan to construct the city group which is relatively independent, completed in function and facilities, advanced in industry and beautiful in environment, including Zhouzhi, Lantian, Gaoling, Changning and Hongqing. Develop the regional features and lead to the population concentration and industry agglomeration. Speed up the infrastructure construction and make it to be the emerging city for the industries, factors and population concentration of the whole city.

Actively cultivate the 60 key towns

Carry on the small town development strategy. Based on unified planning, systematic construction and industrial supporting, emphasize on the construction of the 60 central towns, including Luanzhen, Xinfeng and Caotang. Lead the surrounding population and characteristic industry to gather in the central towns. Establish the important towns which are distinct in brand the features, unique in function and relatively developed in economy.