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Summary from the “12th five-year” development plan of service outsourcing industry in Xi’an City


I. Guiding Principles and Overall Objectives of the Plan


Guiding  principles: Regard accelerating the change of development mode as the  mainline, motivated by improving the capability of independent  innovation, supported by developing professional teams, rely on existing  competitive industries and service outsourcing parks, and move round  the objective of building Xi'an an international metropolis to  strengthen service outsourcing of knowledge processes,  optimize  IT service outsourcing, expand service outsourcing of business  processes, give great efforts to cultivate emerging growth points,  actively explore new development model, and spare no effort to turn  Xi’an into an internationally renowned delivery center of service  outsourcing, China's R & D center of service outsourcing, talent  training center and leading innovation and development area for service  outsourcing in China, and an internationalized national service  outsourcing demonstration city with resource allocation function.


Overall Objectives:


1. Further expand the industrial scale. Further enlarge  the scale of service outsourcing industry, and strive to reach industry  output of 130 billion Yuan and executed amount of US$ 1.5 billion in  respect of offshore service outsourcing business in 2015, an average  annual growth of more than 47%.


2. Further enhance enterprise strength. Work hard  for increasing the number of service outsourcing enterprises to 1,500 in  2015, and realize that more than 100 enterprises obtain international  certification of CMM, CMMI, PCMM, ISO20000, ISO27001, SAS70, etc. and  the number of service outsourcing enterprises with advanced technology  reaches 80. Introduce 30 world top 500 companies to engage in service  outsourcing business, and cultivate 3 service outsourcing enterprises  with ten thousand persons and 3 large service outsourcing enterprises  with sales of over 1 billion Yuan.


3. Further strengthen the carrier construction. Take Xi'an  Software Park as the dominant area, and regard professional service  outsourcing parks in the economic and technical development zone, air  base, aerospace base and Chanba ecological region and Beilin animation  industry platform as the radiation area to build 10 professional service  outsourcing parks with Xi'an characteristics combining the overall  layout of Xi'an City.


4. Further optimize talent structure. During the 12th  five-year plan, 210 thousand people are provided with jobs, and among  which, 150 thousand are university graduates; by the end of 2015, people  engaged in service outsourcing in Xi'an will reach more than 300,000.


5. Further highlight the brand effect. Spare no  effort to forge the brand “China service, Xi'an created” of service  outsourcing, and constantly improve the brand influence.


II. Key Areas


(I) R & D and Design Service Outsourcing


During the "12th five year", effort will be put forth to form several industry clusters  in knowledge service outsourcing with considerable technical capacity  and market size. Power sector will prioritize the development of power plant design, commissioning, operation, training, later maintenance, intelligent grid management, etc. In the area of communications technology, attention will be paid to the development of basic network operation, management, service and business training, optimization and development of product with networked digital content, network equipment installation and debugging, etc. Equipment manufacturing industry will give key support to service stripping links of manufacturing companies, the development of product design and R & D, management consultation, data processing, related services, etc. Geographic navigation field will focus on the development of mobile phone GPS navigation chip, and application of navigation satellite, GIS geographic information service, etc. The biomedical field will prioritize the development of new services that are in line with international norms covering drug safety evaluation, pharmacological efficacy, pharmacokinetics, new agents, clinical trials, medical devices and medical testing technology. And the field of energy and chemical industry will emphasize exploration data acquisition, processing, interpretation and drilling, well logging, well completion process design as well as oil and coal mining technology outsourcing.


 (II) Software Service Outsourcing


During the "12th five-year",  expanding industrial scale, gathering leading enterprises and enhancing  innovation capability will be taken as the path to constantly optimize  the industrial value chain, focus on the development of embedded  software, custom software, industry applications, packaged software,  system software and software testing, product globalization service,  software integration as well as the outsourcing of maintenance and  management services, put forth efforts to expand such operations as  software consultation, disaster recovery center and data service, and  turn Xi'an into a global software delivery center and global IT  infrastructure management and service center.


(III) Financial Service Outsourcing


Optimize financial environment for  development, gather headquarters organizations in financial regions and  foster financial industry cluster for a breakthrough to spare no effort  to attract domestic and foreign financial institutions to establish  background service bases, and gradually expand to the field of high-end  services. Focus on the development of data processing, data mining and  analysis, risk warning, information security, mobile payment, remote  operation & maintenance and data center services, and strive to  build Xi'an a shared service center of finance in western China.


(IV) Cultural and Creative Service Outsourcing


Enhance innovation capability, forge  self-owned brands and improve the public platform for breakthrough, and  rely on such carriers as Beilin animation industry platform to speed up  the development of cultural and creative service outsourcing, focus on  3D model outsourcing, international animation processing, original  animation development, comic digital application, film and television  special effect production, media back-end database and other fields.


 (V) Government Public Service Outsourcing


Intensify institution and mechanism innovation, encourage all levels of governments to spin the non-core business off, and focus on the development of IT development and consultation, operation and maintenance, testing, data processing, system integration, training and leasing.


 (VI) Cloud Service


Take the development of a new generation of IT industry as an opportunity to actively promote the construction of cloud computing infrastructure, build technology platform of cloud service and encourage multinational companies to set up cloud service center in Xi'an. Focus on the development of online software delivery, on-line system maintenance and software operation service based call centers, virtual servers, virtual storage services, automated network equipment services, bandwidth provision and other fields.


 (VII) Other Areas


Bring  the driving force of service outsourcing on economic and social  development into full play, speed up the development of vocational  education and training, tourism, exhibition services, exhibition  planning and layout, intellectual property assessment, consultation,  modern logistics service outsourcing, etc.


III. Park Distribution and Key Development Areas


Adhere to the train of thought on combining spatial layout of service outsourcing with urban functions, industrial bases and new city expansion to form a key area of service outsourcing with Xi'an High-tech Zone as the core, Economic Development Zone, the National Aerospace Industry Base, Yanliang Aviation Industry Base, Beilin Science and Technology Park, ChanbaFinancial Business District and International Trade and Logistics Park as aggregation district.


——Service Outsourcing Industry Center in Xi'an High-tech Zone.  Mainly composed by such three parts as Xi'an Software Park, Xi'an  Service Outsourcing Base and Xi'an New Software Town, it makes full use  of advantages in brand, policy, talent, environment and so on in the  high-tech zone, takes the development of high-end service outsourcing as  the main feature, large-scale backbone enterprises that gather and  undertake multinational service outsourcing business as key  breakthrough, and promoting  carrier construction of the new software town as the key task to form  outsourcing industry clusters of software services, R & D and design  services and financial services, drive to enhance the overall  competitiveness of service outsourcing industry in Xi'an, and turn Xi’an  into global delivery center of software outsourcing, financial  background service center of global business process outsourcing, global  software R & D center and base of industry applications in China.


 (II) Six Areas


Including service outsourcing  aggregation districts in Economic and Technological Development Zone,  Civil Aerospace Industrial Base and Yanliang Aviation Industry Base,  Beilin Cultural and Creative service outsourcing aggregation district,  Chanba financial service outsourcing aggregation district, and service  outsourcing aggregation district in International Trade and Logistics  Park


——Service outsourcing aggregation district in Economic and Technological Development Zone. Mainly  consisting of such two parts as Xi'an Industrial Design Park, Caotan  Eco-industrial Park, it takes cloud service outsourcing as the core,  focuses on the development of R & D and design services extended out  of embedded software, principally engages in data entry, data  processing and call center-based business process outsourcing services,  and is committed to building a global IT infrastructure management and  service center as well as a R & D and design service outsourcing  center in western China.


——Service outsourcing aggregation district in Civil Aerospace Industrial Base. Mainly  including such two parts as Service Outsourcing Park in the Aerospace  Base and Industrial Park of Satellite Application, it combines the  industrial characteristics of the aerospace base to develop geographic  information services, navigation chips, ground receiving software and  products as well as software for such fields as direct transmission of  satellite TV, satellite remote education and satellite application under  the support of satellite technology and focused on embedded software  development and services as well as industrial software, and is devoting  to becoming a global R & D center of embedded software and service  center of geographic information in China.


——Service outsourcing aggregation district in Yanliang Aviation Industry Base. Relying  on the solid foundation, rich resources of aviation talents, leading  aviation research capability and other advantages of Yanliang Aviation  Industry Base, it actively develops flight training, air travel and  other related service outsourcing industries, and is devoting to being a  leading service outsourcing base with aviation characteristics in  China.


——Service outsourcing aggregation district in International Trade and Logistics  Park. Supported by Xi'an  Comprehensive Bonded Area, it focuses on the development of service  outsourcing industries serving logistics, commerce & trade, finance  and other industries, promotes the informationized development of  logistics, commerce & trade and finance, and is committed to  becoming an important logistics service outsourcing base in western  China.


——Beilin Cultural and Creative service outsourcing aggregation district  Taking animation  and game industry as core, it vigorously develops digital publishing,  animation & games, film and television production, digital culture  and other outsourcing industries, and is committed to developing into an  important base for cultural and creative service outsourcing in China.


——Chanba financial service outsourcing aggregation district  Relying on Chanba Financial Business District,  it actively develops data center, liquidation center, capital  settlement center, bank card center, training center and disaster  recovery center of financial institutions, and is committed to  developing into a nationwide innovation center of  financial  service outsourcing, an important undertaking center of offshore  financial service outsourcing business and an onshore financial  outsourcing service center for major financial institutions in China.


IV. Key Tasks


 (I) continuously improve the level of international development


Strengthen to establish contact mechanism with  Europe & the United States and other main contracting places of  service outsourcing in the world, regularly or irregularly hold fair for  attracting investment, introduce internationally renowned outsourcing  enterprises and transnational leading enterprises capable of undertaking  and contracting, and attract multinational companies to set up regional  headquarters, R & D centers and delivery centers in Xi'an.  Aggressively launch and start the brand “China service, Xi'an created” through successfully holding China International Service Outsourcing Fair.


 (II) Effectively enhance the innovation capability. Focus on building a service platform integrating innovative resource sharing, achievement transformation, enterprise incubation, investment & financing and technical education, and encourage service outsourcing enterprises to establish service outsourcing R & D organization through self construction, co-sourcing, joint building and other forms.  Encourage service outsourcing enterprises to cooperate with universities and research institutions in depth to build a number of enterprise technology centers, engineering centers, engineering laboratories and industrial technology alliances.


(III) Optimize the human resource structure. Support social capital to individually or jointly set up training bases, improve the  talent training system, introduce global high-end talents especially  international versatile talents with linguistic competence and being  familiar with Western business models and institutional environment,  promote the government, universities, businesses and parks to build  students training base by cooperation, and open up channels of  employment for local university students in Xi'an.


 (IV) Substantially improve the overall development environment.  Strengthen the construction of public service platform, establish the platform of intellectual property protection, draft rule of confidentiality over service outsourcing data, and carry out the pilot project of intellectual property protection. Improve the construction level of service outsourcing carrier, and gradually build a number of specialized service outsourcing parks in accordance with the construction standards of internationally advanced park.


(V) Focus on strengthening coordinated regional development. Strive to establish service outsourcing park alliances and talents flow mechanism with such first-tier cities as Beijing and Shanghai, jointly organize summit forum, and materialize resource sharing and brand co-construction. Integrate resources in existing service outsourcing parks, bring the advantages of each park into play, and form industrial clusters with different advantages to realize mutual promotion and coordinated development.