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Summary Report on Trade Activities in UAE & Turkey of Xi’an Service Trade Investment Promotion Delegation Led by Wang Ying, Party Secretary and Discip

2015-05-06 18:16:46

To City Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office,

Based on “2014 Xi’an Arrangement on Major Investment Promotion Activities” and at the invitation of UAE Economy Ministry and Turkey DEIK, Xi’an Municipal Government approved Xi’an service trade investment promotion delegation to launch trade activities in UAE and Turkey led by Wang Ying, deputy Party Secretary and Discipline Commission. During the activity, the delegation visited local well-known enterprises and held special introduction event to introduce investment environment in Xi’an and new development opportunities brought by Silk Road economic belt. On the event, the delegation also discussed the major service trade projects and further expanded the influence of Xi’an in UAE and Turkey as well as promoted the settlement of a batch of under discussion projects. With many positive results, this trade activity had achieved the desired purpose.

 Visit 1

The relevant summary report is as follows:

I. Major Trade Activities

During the tour, the delegation attended 2014 Dubai International Investment Conference, and Game & Animation Products Exhibition, launched a special promotion on China Investment Forum, had talks with Abdullah al Saleh who is vice minister of UAE Economy Ministry, and had discussions with over 40 attending merchants in the world. The delegation held a special promotion event on Xi’an investment environment and service outsourcing and had communication with over 20 outsourcing enterprises on cooperation projects. Also, the delegation launched discussion with five enterprises including Etisalat, Mustafa Corporation, Western Energy Company, Dubai Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions and a Poland company, visited relevant organizations including Turkey DEIK and Istanbul Medicine Industrial Park, carried out service outsourcing promotion activities in various forms, which introduced the development situation of Xi’an service outsourcing industry and fully displayed the new image of an international metropolis with historical and cultural characters as well as vigor and vitality of the economic and social development.

(1) Launch promotion communication on a world famous investment platform, widely meet merchants and have targeted discussion of trade projects

 Visit 2

The UAE International Investment Conference is a high-level event focused on foreign direct investment around the Gulf and nearly thousands of merchants will have promotion and communication on the conference. The conference organizing committee will arrange B2B and B2G activities in advance to provide discussion or communication for those organizations, enterprises or private investors who seek investment opportunities. The delegation made fully use of the conference platform and the UAE Game & Animation Production Exhibition to have professional discussion with global merchants to seek potential customers and promote service products. Through this platform, service outsourcing enterprises in Xi’an had met more than 50 outsourced enterprises and had a smooth business negotiation, which expanded the cooperation channel and laid solid foundation for next practical cooperation. On China investment forum, Wang Ying had a speech on introduction of Xi’an investment environment and service trade development situation, which major promoted the service trade cooperation fields and projects in Xi’an and actively introduced service outsourcing enterprises in Xi’an to attending merchants. On the conference communication part, service outsourcing enterprises in Xi’an launched discussions with over 40 participated merchants.

(2) Promote organizational resources with help of investment trade and launch promotion activities with distinct themes

 Visit 3

Held activities with outside professional investment trade organizations could effectively gather potential customers and ensured discussion results. The delegation cooperated with Turkey DEIK in Istanbul to held special promotion event on investment environment and service outsourcing of Xi’an. Wang Ying introduced the investment environment and the industry, director Shang Fenglei in Beilin Science & Technology Industrial Park promoted the major projects in the park, five enterprises in the delegation introduced the cooperated projects and more than 20 outsourced enterprises in Istanbul introduced the company and project details and had one to one discussion with Xi’an service outsourcing enterprises in the discussion part. This activity built platform for service outsourcing enterprises in Xi’an to meet new customers and established links for cooperation.

(3) Expand cooperation fields by executive discussion and understanding

 Visit 4

The delegation arranged many executive discussions during the visit time. For example, Wang Ying had a discussion with vice minister in UAE Economy Ministry Abdullah al Saleh and invited Mr. Saleh to seek business opportunities in Xi’an; had a discussion with chairman of Turkey China Business Association and invited them to participate ITFCEW and launch businesses in Xi’an; had a discussion with senior executives in Western Energy Company on establishing E-commerce platform, organizing Gulf countries to visit Xi’an during ITFCEW as well as establishing brother city with Shaka. Also, the delegation had communication with Etisalat, Mustafa Corporation, Western Energy Company, Dubai Strategic Marketing & Exhibition, etc. to discuss the specific projects and promote the further cooperation.

(4) Promote cooperation by consolidating regular customers and meeting new clients

 Visit 5

The delegation attached great importance on promoting dominate position of enterprise negotiation and adopted method of combination of separating and gathering. By visiting customers separately and organizing discussion, enterprises can communicate with customers on specific projects so as to consolidate old customers and meet new customers. Through this way, the new business achievements can be gained and new project cooperation methods can be achieved.

II. Major Achievements

The delegation had an efficient and pragmatic visit and achieved fruitful results.

1. Took part in 2014 Dubai International Investment Conference, Game & Animation Products Exhibition; promoted on the China Investment Forum and had discussion with over 40 merchant around the globe.
2. Held special introduction event on Xi’an investment environment and service outsourcing in Istanbul; more than 20 outsourced enterprises in Istanbul had communication with Xi’an service outsourcing enterprises;
3. Had discussion with vice minister in UAE Economy Ministry Abdullah al Saleh to promote the economic and trade cooperation between Xi’an and UAE; visited Turkey DEIK and had discussion with chairman of Turkey China Business Association to promote cooperation.
4. Had communication with enterprises including Etisalat, Mustafa Corporation, Western Energy Company, Dubai Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions on specific projects and promoted further cooperation;
5. Visited UAE international city and communicated with Western Energy Company. Discuss business outlook together and promote friendship cities establishment between Xi’an and cities in Saudis and UAE; reached the Gulf countries visit to Xi’an during ITFCEW; discussed on building E-commerce platform in Dubai;
6. One of enterprise in delegation expanded the cooperation with DANA in Iran and signed a project with contractual amount of 200 billion Euros. In the meantime, this company had further discussion with another company and reached agreement on building oil cable and accessories in Saudis; made investigation in Dubai to build headquarter in Gulf;
7. One of enterprise in delegation reached initial corporation intention with China Turkey Commerce Association on primary students animation innovation education cooperation, which would promoted the animation innovation education in both China and Turkey.
8. Participating enterprises had consolidated the regular customers, met with new customers and promoted the cooperation.

 Visit 6

III. Enlightenments and Suggestions

Major enlightenments of this visit are:

(1) Gulf countries have a growing attention on western China development and the trade and investment demand had increased clearly.

The delegation had a general feeling that merchants in UAE and Turkey had a strong will to launch trade investment cooperation in China. With the bringing up of Silk Road economic belt strategy, Xi’an welcomes the new development opportunities. At this time, Xi’an should focus on the relation of Gulf countries, increase the promotion efforts and have in-depth cooperation with more Gulf countries as well as countries along the Silk Road economic belt.

(2) Promote the effect of investment conference and actively set cooperation with intermediary organizations to achieve practical effects.

This visit had a tight schedule, a clear aim and targeted discussions. Besides the desired objectives, the delegation also achieved other results such as friend cities cooperation and E-commerce platform establishment, etc. The success of this visit lies at many aspects, for example, well planning before the visit, actively promote the strong effect of investment conference, cooperation with DEIK and target the customers. After the visit, the delegation seriously carried out the business activities including face-to-face communication so as to ensure the implementation of the trade promotion.

Suggestions for further work:

1. Fully apply the visit results and strive for the implementation of all achievements.
2. Strengthen coordination and make full use of the joint force. Service trade enterprises should be led to expand the market so as to build a large and strong service outsourcing industry in Xi’an. Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce should enhance the coordination, actively play the joint efforts of foreign investment, foreign economy and foreign trade enterprises to promote the multiplier effect. Also, Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce should focus on countries along the Silk Road economic belt, expand market, strengthen the trade, promote the two-way investment to vigorously develop the export-oriented economy in Xi’an.
3. Focus on the implementation and provide good service. The Bureau should establish an implementation mechanism to track the visit results and keep close contact so as to transform the intention to contract. During the project settlement, the Bureau should lead the enterprises to strengthen the service theory and play their dominant role so as to provide the enterprises a sound development environment and ensure the smooth project progressing.

This is a well-prepared visit with a clear aim and specific tasks. During this visit, all delegation members had great attitude and discipline, which contributed to their remarkable achievements. This visit was a complete success and had achieved the desired purpose.

                                                                                                                            Xi’an Service Trade Investment Promotion Delegation
                                                                                                                            May 4, 2014