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Geography And Climate

2017-05-18 10:55:32

Geographic Location: Xi’an is located in the east of Westrn China, the middle of The Huanghe River Guanzhong Plain, and is the very center of the geographic territory of China (the geodesic origin of mainland China is very near to Xi'an). Situated at 107040' - 10g049'E and 33039' - 34045'N, it is of almost the same latitude as Los Angles of USA and Rabat, capital of Morocco in North Africa. Xi'an also features Mt. Qinling in the South and the Weihe River in the North. Mt. Qinling is one of the major divisions of the northern and southern climate, hydrology, vegetation and soil in China.Sitting in the southwest of Zhouzhi County of Xi'an, Mt. Taibai, the highest point of Xi'an,is the main peak of Mt. Qinling, with an altitude of 3,867 meters. 


Geology and Topography:With  an alluvial  plain  of Weihe  River in the  north  and denudated mountainous areas in the south, Xi'an features a terrain higher in the southeast and lower in the northwest, at an average altitude of 424 meters. The land surface mainly consists of loess and loess-like matters, and its depth ranges from 3 t0 12 meters. However, Mt. Qinling has granite and gneiss comprising its major substance. Most area as planned urban districts is on the second and third terraces of the alluvial plain along the south bank of Weihe River.

Land & Area: Xi'an covers a total area of 10,108 square kilometers with the downtown area of 3,582 square kilometers. Plain accounts for 43.7% of the city's total area, and mountainous areas 56.3%. The widest span from the east to the west of the city stands at 204 kilometers, and that from the north to the south is about 116 kilometers.

Climate: Xi'an lies in the sub-humid temperate zone under continental monsoon climate with distinct seasons, and the climate is mild. The annual average temperature is around 15.50C. The coldest month is January with an average temperature about -0.9C, while the hottest is July with an average temperature about 26.40C. The annual rainfall is 600mm on average, mainly concentrated during July to September. The annual humidity is 69.6% on average. The yearly sunshine period reaches l,377 hours; the free-frost period is about 207 days. The days with air quality better than that of the national Standards Grade lI have reached 304 days, with the excellent rate of 83.3%,the annual average wind speed is l.3-2.6 m/sec with its northeast main wind.