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Government Service

2015-05-13 15:10:22

Xi’an Municipality is making great efforts to improve the investment hardware. Besides, Xi'an Municipality is establishing standardized, orderly and high efficiency police environments , legal environments, market environments and social environments which follow the international conventions. All the enterprises operate independently and assume sole responsibility for the profits and losses, without the interfering of the government. However, the government solves the problem of the enterprises while their foundation and operation. "Government affairs hall" is set up in Xi'an governments at all levels to realize the 'One Hall Type" centralized office and provide convenience to the investors.

Xi'an Customs, Shaanxi Provincial Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Shaanxi Provincial Port Office have always cooperated with each other and carry out “big customs" mode to improve the port service system and provide maximum convenience goods and service imports and exports. In Xi'an International Logistics & Trade Park, Xi’an Comprehensive Bonded Area integrates the function of the bonded area. Export processing area, bonded logistics area and port, which provide the service of international transferring, distribution, purchasing, transit trade and export processing.