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Preferential Policy of the West Development

2015-10-08 16:16:56


1.Collect the business   income tax at the rate of 15% for the enterprises in the west.

2.For enterprises conduct   the public infrastructure projects supported by the country, conduct the   project of environment protection and water conservation, It enjoys the   preferential policy of “exemption of the three items and halving of the three   items” in accordance with the law.

3.According to the resources   tax reform, the resources tax of coal, crude oil and natural gas is changed   from quantity based collection to price based collection. Appropriately   increase the tax rate of other resources to improve the local financial   revenue.

4.For the domestic funded   enterprise of encouraged  industries and the foreign investment   enterprise of encouraged industries and enterprise of encouraged industries   in the west, the self used imported equipments within the investment is   exempted from tariff.




1.Strengthen the central   government financial investment and give consideration to the civil projects,   infrastructure and ecological environment in the west.

2.Support the eligible   enterprises in the west to seek financing by listing on the stock market and   support the listed enterprises to seek financing again.

3.Carry out differential   industrial policy. Support the private capital to invest in the oil-gas   exploration, development and storage by ways of cooperation and equity   participation.Expand the competitive industries catalogue of foreign   investment in the west.Encourage the foreign investment to participate in the   new technical project of improving tailings application of the ore mine and   the recovery of the ecological environment of the ore mine.



1.Carry out differential   land policy. Give consideration to the west area during the setting of the   annual plan index.

2.For the bottom standard of   the industrial land transferring fees, apply 10%-50% of the “Bottom standard   of the national industrial land transferring fees” according to the   situations and appropriately reduce the datum construction land price of the   development zones and districts in the west.



1.Give convenience to the   local people to use the high quality and low price coal, gas and electricity.

2.Based on the principle of   “who develops who protects and who gets benefit who makes compensation”,   gradually establish and complete the ecological compensation mechanism in the   forest, grassland, wet land, rivers and ore resource district.