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Opinions on Encouraging Government and Enterprises to Provide Contracts to Promote the Development of the Service Outsourcing Industry [No. 200, (2009

2017-01-06 14:00:36

The Departments (Bureaus) of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, the departments (Bureaus) of Science and Technology, competent departments of Industry and Information Technology, competent commerce departments, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commissions of the State Council, banking regulatory bureaus, securities regulatory bureaus and insurance regulatory bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Independent Planning Cities:

Service outsourcing industry is a modern talent-intensive service industry, which has the characteristics of high information and technology, big added value, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, strong ability to provide jobs to college graduates, and high international level. It is of great significance for the current and future economic development to implement scientific concept of development, and support and encourage the development of service outsourcing industry according to the requirements of maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand and readjusting the structure.

According to the spirit of Reply of the General Office of the State Council on Issues concerning Promoting the Development of the Service Outsourcing Industry (Letter No. 9 [2009] of the General Office of the State Council), in order to encourage government and enterprises to outsource the such non-secret businesses as data processing to professional companies through purchasing services and other means to promote the better and rapider development of China service outsourcing industry, the following suggestions ware formulated:

I. Support the development of service outsourcing industry. Governments at all levels should seize the rare opportunities for the development of service outsourcing industry, and take government and corporate contracting as a focus to promote the development of service outsourcing industry. Efforts should be made to enhance the publicity of service outsourcing industry, traditional concept of domestic outsourcing model should be changed, and that service outsourcing industry would be recognized by governments and large and medium enterprises.

II. The exemplary and leading role of the service outsourcing model cities should be made full play. In government information construction, e-government, enterprise information construction and e-commerce, we should encourage government and relevant departments to integrate resources, outsource the development, application, and some process-oriented business of information technology to professional service providers, expand domestic markets, and foster the development of domestic service outsourcing industry.

III. Based on the principle of rational allocation and saving resources, the role of the policies on government purchasing should be further played. The purchasers should be encouraged to outsource the non-secret business involving information technology consultation, operation and maintenance, software development and deployment, testing, data processing, systems integration, training and leasing to professional companies, and constantly expand the areas of purchasing services. If purchasing outsourcing service exceeding the procurement thresholds made by the government, according to the relevant regulations of the government procurement policies, enterprises should purchase the services of the enterprises in line with relevant standards and with relevant professional qualification in China.

IV. Relevant contract standards and technology standards about the provided service should be formulated. Central enterprises and local enterprises should be guided and pushed to enhance outsourcing industry to provide more opportunities to service outsourcing enterprises to participate in domestic outsourcing business.

V. Service Evaluation Mechanism for service outsourcing enterprises should be established. A number of information technology service outsourcing enterprises with a certain capacity should be chosen to accept government service outsourcing business preferentially. Government should support service outsourcing enterprises to become bigger and stronger to have a group of leading enterprises in service outsourcing industry.

VI. Relevant departments should research to separate the existing IT and relevant service departments form government departments or large and medium enterprises, integrate service outsourcing contract suppliers of various forms and professionals to enlarge the scope of the service targets and business and promote the service level.

VII. On the base of the public supporting platform of existing software and information service outsourcing industry, the docking platform of the contracting projects and the outsourcing enterprises should be established and improved to push the success combination of businesses. Relevant departments should actively build the bridge between large and medium enterprises and service outsourcing enterprises, organize communication fairs for large and medium enterprises and service outsourcing business providers to establish communication channels for them. We should support the establishment of the cooperation alliance of service outsourcing enterprises and large and medium enterprises, enhance business exchange and communication, and encourage large and medium enterprises to outsource business step by step.

VIII. The training for relevant personnel in government and enterprises should be enhanced to train a group of Middle and senior management personnel familiar with service outsourcing business, and do a good job in government and businesses contracting.

IX. Such policy instruments as fiscal, monetary, taxation and government procurement should be used comprehensively to actively promote the rapid development of service outsourcing industry. Government should enhance the brand publicizing and promotion through policy supporting to build China’s service outsourcing brand.

X. Governments and enterprises should comply with state laws when carrying out service outsourcing business, and strengthen the security management strictly in accordance with the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets”
the risk awareness about the laws in contract-providing, contract-accepting and sub contracting should be enhanced in service outsourcing to promote the normal operation in service outsourcing industry.

Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council
China Banking Regulatory Commission
China Securities Regulatory Commission
China Insurance Regulatory Commission
September 23, 2009