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Notice About Report Service Outsourcing Business Data as Soon as Possible

2015-12-14 16:36:20

To all service outsourcing enterprises:


Since the coming of end of 2015, we will soon finish the statistical work of service outsourcing business, according to relevant policy requirements from national Commerce Ministry and national Ministry of Finance, data in service outsourcing business management and statistical system will be the important basis of fund support application for all enterprises. For the aim to smoothly implement 2016 special fund application and reflect actual service outsourcing business situation, all enterprises should pay attention to statistic work and carefully manage, tabulate and report your service outsourcing business data. The data you provided will have directly relation to your application for special fund in 2016. All enterprises, please attach great importance on such work and report the data in service outsourcing business management system before the end of December.


Contact person: Xiao Xian

Tel: 029 - 86786496