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Notice about Recruiting the Fifth Batch of Enterprises to Settle in Mobile Dream Factory

2016-04-15 07:56:06

To all enterprises:

The Mobile Dream Factory in Xi’an Software Park is the first enterprise development’s accelerator independently constructed and operated by Xi’an Software Park Development Center. 19 teams had been settled and 6 teams succeeded in getting venture capital during the settled period since it opened on March 6, 2014. Dream Factory was evaluated as “Xi’an Innovation Space” by Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and “Xi’an Incubation Base” by Xi’an Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.


With the expiry of some enterprises’ settled period and moving out of Dream Factory, Dream Factory will appear a number of spare working spaces, now are launching in public to recruit outstanding projects to settle.


Introduction to the Dream Factory and settle application process please see annex 1.


Interested enterprises please fill in annex 2’s the application form for settle application, and send to the following contact mailbox before April 26, 2016 (Tuesday).


You can email or call if you have any questions.


Industrial Development Department, Xi’an Software Park Development Center


Luan Baoying   029-87607182; 18629039871



Annex: 1http://www.xasoftpark.com/wcm.files/upload/CMSxarjy/201604/201604120550044.pdf

Annex: 2http://www.xasoftpark.com/wcm.files/upload/CMSxarjy/201604/201604120551001.docx