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Notice on Doing Application Work for Undertaking International Service Outsourcing Projects by 2016 Shaanxi Special Funds for Foreign Trade and Econom

2016-06-13 11:29:59

To all service outsourcing demonstration parks, relative enterprises and training institutions:


For the aim to better serve enterprises and promote better development of service outsourcing enterprises in Xi’an, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Financial Department of Shaanxi Province recently issued “Notice on Printing Application Guideline of 2016 Shaanxi Special Funds for Foreign Trade and Economic Development”, according to the notice, now forward the application guideline to you all, please refer to requirements in the Notice and implement accordingly, the relevant requirements are notified as follows:


1.    Application Process: all parks, enterprises and institutions should follow the territorial principle, provide application materials to responsible operation department and financial department in the park based on the Notice requirements, after the first review by responsible operation department and financial department in the park, enterprises can submit the materials to municipal Bureau of Commerce and municipal Bureau of Finance.


2.    Material Requests: All responsible operation departments and financial departments in the parks should attach great importance on this application, strictly organize the application work in the park and should have on-site investigation for authenticity of all materials as well as finish the application work on time. All relative enterprises and training institutions should carefully apply the projects involved. The application material and affiliated documents should be real, accurate and complete; the cheating enterprises will get a punishment that three-year application qualification will be canceled.


3.    Application Documents Requests: All enterprises should have an appointed person to be responsible for this application, and apply according to the “Notice”. The application materials on paper should be bond together in book by different projects categories (in quintuplicate). The electronic edition is also needed.


4.    According to application requests in “Notice”, all demonstration parks in Xi’an can apply for platform construction projects. The fund will not exceed 5 million Yuan.


5.    Time Requests: All demonstration parks should finish the first review and summary of application materials before June 20, 2016 and summit application materials on paper edition (print in A4, in quintuplicate) to Xi’an municipal Bureau of Commerce. Late applications will not be accepted.




Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce - Service Trade Department:

Xiao Xi’an     86786496


Xi’an Municipal Finance Bureau – Enterprise Department:

Li Feng       87280488


About the electronic application guidelines, please download from the official website: http://www.xasourcing.gov.cn/390/46/121/62446.shtml


June 3, 2016

Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce