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Interim Regulation for Supporting High-Growth "Gazelle" Companies

2012-06-20 10:23:41

In order to build a world-class hi-tech park, enhance the dynamic development in the park greatly, and push the high-growth enterprises develop faster, according to the spirit of "The Notice from State Council about Assistant Polices to 'National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)'" (issue by state [2006] No. 6), Administrative Committee of Xi'an Hi-tech Zone has decided to provide great support to high-growth “gazelle” companies from 2007 to 2010.

1. Support targets
The Enterprises who meet the following conditions 
a. Enterprises whose registered addresses locate in Xi'an High-tech Zone;
b. Enterprises whose fiscal relations are in the Xi'an High-tech Zone;  
c. Enterprises who has been identified as high-tech enterprises;
d. Enterprises whose taking is between 5 million and 200 million RMB; 
e. Enterprises whose growth of taking and taxes over 30%;
f. Enterprises who can provide the statistical reports normally according to the requirements of administrative committee;
g. Enterprises without serious security incidents within the year;
h. As for Industrial polluting enterprises with major category code between 06-49 according to the standards of "the categories and codes of national economy industry" (GB/T4754-94), it should pass the ISO14000 certification 5 years after its establishment.

2. Support standards
a. Relevant funding 
    According to relevant provisions, providing relevant funding to the key technology innovation projects that got funds for technology items provided by municipal peer or above.
b. Subsidies for guarantee fee or subsidies for loan interest
   According to the guarantee rates and interest rates made by the People's Bank, providing subsidies for guarantee fee to its guarantees of one-year working capital loan or providing subsidies for loan interest to the enterprises, and the subsidies amount is 3% of its tax payment that year.
c. The upper limit of the support
    The total amount of Relevant funding and Subsidies for guarantee fee or subsidies for loan interest should not exceed 5% of the its tax payment that year.

3. The application materials
a. Requisition report (including basic conditions of enterprises);
b. Original and copied counterpart of the enterprise license;
c. Original and copied counterpart of tax registration certificate;
d. Original and copied counterpart of the financial registration certificate of the foreign-invested enterprises;
e. Original and copied counterpart of high-tech enterprise certificate; 
f. Copy of the annual statistical report (signed by the Statistics Bureau);
g. Copy of the annual tax certificate;
h. The enterprises applying for funds for technology projects should provide the approval of the technology projects funds from municipal or the superior and the voucher of funding in place;
i. Industrial polluting enterprises who have major category codes between 06-49  and have passed the ISO14000 certification 5 years after its establishment should provide ISO14000 certification.
4. Procedures
a. Eligible enterprises should provide applying information to Economic and Trade Development Bureau of administrative committee of Hi-tech Zone and then the Economic and Trade Bureau put up the preliminary review.
b. Preliminary comments and application materials will be sent to the Director of Administrative Committee Branch and be discussed in the conference whose participants from Development Planning Bureau Finance Bureau, the Productivity Promotion Center and relevant thematic park.
c. The conference comments will be sent by Economy and Trade Bureau to the Director's Office of the Administrative Committee to be decided.
d. The decision made by the Director's Office of the Administrative Committee will be reported in High-tech Zone and have a publicity of 15 days on the High-tech Zone Site Web.
e. The decisions without objections will be conveyed to relevant departments and the enterprises being supported in the form of Administrative Committee's document by the Economic and Trade Bureau. 
f. The Financial Bureau disbursed funds to enterprises according to the document from Administrative Committee.

5. Administrative Committee of Xi'an High-tech Zone is responsible for this regulation.

6. This regulation takes effects since its issuance. 

The file (2005) No. 238 issued by Xi'an Hi-tech annulled simultaneously.