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Administrative Regulations on Identifying Enterprise Base in Xi'an High-Tech Software Outsourcing Demonstration Zone

2015-06-16 16:55:28

Item one, in order to push the rapid development of software service outsourcing industry vigorously in Xi'an High-tech Zone, Implement the spirit of the "supporting polices to promote the development of software service outsourcing industry from the Administrative Committee of Xi'an Hi-tech Zone" (hereinafter referred to as supporting policies), make full use of high-tech zone resources and expand industrial space continuously to create basic conditions for the development of software service outsourcing industry, Xi'an Software Park authorized a number of enterprises to building their own mansions as model of enterprises base of software service outsourcing industry in Xi'an High-tech Zone (hereinafter referred to as enterprise base), and all software services outsourcing enterprises settled in the base can enjoy relevant policies embodied in article III of the supporting policies. This regulation is made to regulate the identification and development of the base.

Item two, the proposers applying to be enterprises base should be a legal entity, have been enrolled in the Trade and Industry Bureau with taxation relations in the Xi’an High-tech Zone, pay taxes, provide their statistics reports timely, and have no serious security incident records.

Item three, the buildings of enterprises base should meet the following requirements:
a, The building has been inspected in an integrated manner and has property certificate title.
b, There should be more than 5000 square meters space provided for the software service outsourcing enterprises in the building.
c, There should have bus lines and convenient transportation around the enterprises base and its vicinity and the public security should be in good condition.
d, The Building should have a stable power supply system and sufficient capacity, as well as the stable and divers network access required by software services outsourcing companies.
e, The enterprises base should mainly introduce software and service outsourcing enterprises, and verify the enterprises entering the base. The entered enterprises should engage in software, services outsourcing, systems integration, IC design as well as games and flash. The number portion of the above-mentioned enterprises in the base should be not lower than 70%, and they should cover more than 50% of the total area.

Item four, Enterprises base should set up specialized services department to provide excellent service for the entered enterprises assisting Xi'an Software Park, so as to fulfill the statistics and safe producing, etc.

Item five, Xi'an Software Park Development Center is responsible for the identification, and enterprises can provide relevant information according to the above-mentioned conditions and apply at any time.  Software Park Development Center presents approval regularly and presents dynamic evaluation according to the base operation during the year. As to the enterprise bases who do not meet the requirements, their title will be revoked. Projects assigned later can not enjoy the relevant supporting polices for software services outsourcing industry in high-tech zone.

Item six, this regulation should be carried out since its issuance, assisting other supporting polices for software service outsourcing industry development from Xi'an High-Tech Zone. Xi'an Software Park and Digital Park Development Center are responsible for its interpretation.