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The Application for Special Development Projects in Xi'an Hi-tech Zone Started, Subsidies Be Provided in Three Ways

2015-11-04 16:51:55

From now to January 20, 2016 is the applying duration for 2016 Xi'an Hi-tech Industry Development special projects. It is said that, all the projects in the special hi-tech projects will be provided subsidies in free financing, interest payments on loans and equity investment three means.

Taking accelerating the scale expansion of Xi'an hi-tech industries, enhancing core competitiveness and radiating and leading advantageous industries as its goal, Xi'an Hi-tech Industry Development special projects will be declared in three classes named technological enterprises development, information industry development and High-tech industrialization demonstration. The projects of High-tech industry demonstration will mainly support the high-tech industrialization demonstration projects with advanced technologies, independent innovation advantages and good industrialization prospects, give priorities to the projects gained quite amount of special funds from the State Development and Reform Commission; and focus on the cultivation and support to the projects in the scope of special projects of State Development and Reform Commission 2016 hi-tech industry.


According to the representative from Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, free financing will be mainly used to support the science and technology enterprises in rapid growth stage and the supporting fund should not exceed CNY 2 million; The interest payments on loans shall be mainly support the technological enterprises of a certain scale, and the projects to which banks has grant provided loans or will grant loans (according to the loan contract signed by enterprises and banks from January 1, 2009 to the planned completion time of the projects), and the supporting funds should not exceed CNY 2 million; and equity investment will adopt preferred stock or common stock, shares and not holds and the invested capital should not less than CNY 5 million, and it will be implemented after the issuance of “Interim Measures on the Investment and Administration of Xi'an Financial Industry Supporting Funds Equity”.