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Job Market Recovers after Spring Festival Holiday

2017-02-14 12:56:40

China's job market has recovered after the Chinese lunar new year. An average of 24 job seekers competed for one position from Feb. 3 to 9, the first week after the Spring Festival holiday, according to a report by recruitment website zhaopin.com.


In the 34 major Chinese cities monitored by zhaopin.com, the average monthly salary before tax was 7,754 yuan ($1,126), the report said.


The competition for positions also varied in different cities. In Beijing, the competition index during the period hit 44.8—the highest in China—which meant about 45 seekers were trying to get any available position in the capital. Other cities, such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang and Shenzhen also recorded a high number, the report said.


There was an increase in average salary compared with the first three months in 2016, which was 7,018 yuan. However, the monthly salary average hit 9,958 yuan in Beijing, which topped other cities, followed by Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou with 9,845 yuan, 8,662 yuan and 7,937 yuan respectively.


Average salaries paid in cities along the Yangtze River and Pearl River Deltas, two important economic regions, were higher than other areas, ranking in the first 10 places.


Internet and e-commerce sectors required more talent, the report said, followed by finance and real estate-related industries such as funds, securities, futures, and construction and building materials.


Payment for senior managers topped other positions, with a monthly salary of 19,916 yuan. However, sectors such as professional services and consulting paid the most generously, about 9,953 yuan per month, the report said.