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University Issues China's First Letter of Acceptance using AR

2017-07-05 13:25:56

The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) on Tuesday issued the letter of acceptance using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to students. This is the first AR-enabled university admission notice in China.


Located in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, NPU embedded a virtual campus platform based on AR technology, a technique that calculates the position and angle of camera view in real time, whilst adding images, videos and 3D models. AR seamlessly integrates the physical and virtual worlds.


In order for an individual to accept the letter, the recipient must scan 'playing AR' on the document with WeChat, download the NPU Augmented Reality application, and open it and scan the letter, front and back. This enables the individual to view the history of the university, as well as the discipline characteristics. When scanning the aviation, space, sailing signs at the back of the letter, there will also be a dynamic display of the school features of NPU.


"Although the admission notice is just a piece of paper, the carefully embedded AR technology serves to show a cutting-edge temperament and a sense of pride," Xie Dan, admissions office deputy director with NPU, said.


"The introduction of the school's history and discipline characteristics demonstrates a spirit, which makes the admission notice an exclusive gift to students. AR technology makes admission information to move, opening the door to innovation," Xie said.