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Xi'an Overview

2017-05-15 17:44:45

As the world famous ancient capital of thirteen dynasties in China history, Xi’an is the biggest central city in China Section of the New Eurasia Land Bridge and the Yellow River Basin, and also the industrial, commercial and financial center of the Northwest . Along with the implementation of the national regional development strategy, Xi’an enters the period of development faster and ever before. In the 11th Five-year period, Xi’an develops with the annual average speed of 14.5%. In the 12th Five-year period , the planned growth is above 13%.

In the “Development Plan of Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone”  that is approved by the State Council, it proposes the target to shape Xi’an into international metropolis, which improves the position of Xi’an in the national strategy, thus Xi’an enters the period of the high speed development . With the new round of deep implementation of the West Development and the acceleration of the construction of Xi’an metropolis, the development environment of Xi’an gets better and better. Based on the profound cultural resource, abundant natural resource, solid economic foundation, strong power of scientific research and education, vigorous innovation ability and huge market potential, Xi’an will be the most valuable cities int West.

Reflecting the historical, social, economic and business environments of Xi’an comprehensively, the “Guidance of Foreign Investment in Xi’an” is aimed at providing people at home and abroad with convenience to understand and know Xi’an as well as cooperate with Xi’an. We are willing to continue the communication and cooperation with friends at home and abroad, strengthen the friendship, work together in investment and business and realize win-win development.


Eight advantageous make Xi'an standing out of the Opening-up cities.

1. Convenient transport information and prominent advantage in geography. Xi'an is located in the geodetic origin of China and the central position of Chinese mainland territory. Because of the advantageous position, it only costs about two hours to go to the furthest city in four directions of the whole country by plane. So Xi'an has become the largest node city of the Chinese primary road network, and also be the transport hub in "big cross" reticulate railway transportation that connect the north and south. Convenient transportation, unprimitive communication and multiple functional urban services, all of these constitute a great Xi'an. In 2005, Xi'an Xian Yang International Airport opened the international airlines to London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. The total international airlines reach to 29, which makes Xi'an become the fourth largest international aviation hub city in China. Highway construction has formed a "meter" shape main radial highway system as Xi'an for center. Second Ring Road has a comprehensive run-through, Third Ring Road has begun to build and a set of pedestrian bridges and underground channel have been completed. Highway has been opened both in the city, dominant region and county. The information construction in Xi'an develops rapidly, which has formed a modern telemessage network to link nationwide and all over the world. In Chinese regional economic layout, Xi'an as the largest central city in Longhai-Lanxin Railway, the Chinese section of New Eurasia Continental Bridges, is also the important hub city to link Central Asia, West Asia and Europe. Xi'an takes the significant strategic position of strategy to be a bridge between the east and the west and link north and south. It can be said that the economic hinterland and market space are extremely wide. Centuries-old history and the position of important city in northwest make Xi'an become the important business hub, finance center and resource distributing center in west of China. In 2007, the total retail sales of consumer goods in Xi'an reached to 92.158 billion Yuan, and the total import and export value amounted to 5.361 billion dollar.

2. Abundant scientific and technological strength and great innovation ability. Xi'an is the important base of Chinese scientific research, higher education, defense-related science and technology and new high-tech industry, the integrative scientific and technological strength occupies the third of the whole country. Currently, there are more than 3,000 scientific technology organizations of all kinds, including 93 national key labs, 29 national technical study and industry test center, more than 400 thousand professionals& technical and 47 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. China's first rocket engine, the first integrated circuit computer, the first civilian passenger aircraft, the first high-speed cameras, the first digital color TV, the first batch of power semiconductor devices and so were born in Xi'an. Here brought together more than one third of China's space research and development strength. The rocket engine and propellant of "Shenzhou V, VI", rocket-board computers and remote sensing devices, are manufactured by Xi'an Research. It can be said that Xi'an is worthy the name of knowledge, science and talent city.


3. Various and complete kinds of industry and unprimitive leading industry. Xi'an is the old industrial base that had been prioritized after the establishment of the nation. After several decades of development, Xi'an formed a complete industrial system as mechanical equipment, transportation, electronic information, aerospace, biological medicine, food and beverage and petrochemical industry for main industry. Here is also the research center and production base of mesohigh power transmission and transformation complete equipment, airplane and aero engine, heavy-duty truck, digital SPC switch, color kinescope, air condition compressor, large size industrial fan, computer software, dairy products, product of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and etc. In 2007, the total industrial output value of the whole city was 159.064 billion Yuan, and the industrial added value was 46.173 billion Yuan. Currently, a number of competitive industries with distinguish features have been formed in Xi'an. Among these industries, such as new high-tech industry, equipment manufacture, tourist industry, modern service industry, culture industry and etc, these five leading industries plat an important supported role during the economic development of Xi'an. The added value of five leading industries (eliminate repeat) was 72.958 billion Yuan, which was 42.0% of the city's GDP.

4. Plentiful supply of power source and excellent human resources. The man power and resource condition in Xi'an are better than many other cities in the country. The north of Shanxi Province has plenty of resources, such as coal, natural gas, petroleum and etc, which is an important resource base of Xi'an and supply enough energy for industry and residents' life. Comparing with the coastal cities in the east, the price also has stronger competitive advantage. Xi'an has very prominent advantages of human resources. On the one hand, they are numerous, continually, high quality and stable. And the labor cost is only one third of the average level of coastal area in the east. Now there are about 0.8 million students in regular institutions of regular institutions of higher learning and private higher learning institution. Every year the number of master and doctor graduates is more than 10,000, which is at the top of the country. There are 0.82 million people have the associate degree, the talents and technology can meet every kind of requirements. And large quantities of skilled workers have been trained to support the merchants both here and abroad to invest manufacturing.

5. Large number of cultural relics and abundant of tourism resources. As is known to all, Xi'an is the ancient Chinese politics, economy, culture and foreign exchange center. Long history, rich cultural heritage, the unique cultural and natural landscape, all of these constitutes the tourism brand advantage for this ancient city. The cultural heritage and cultural relics are complete and systemic. They are in large quantity, high density and grade, which make them rank first in the whole country. After years of construction and development, tourism infrastructure and industrial system has achieved considerable size. The city has 20 scenic spots that receive more than 100,000 tourists each year and 9 national 4A-class scenic spots. In 2003, Xi'an was been identified as the best tourist destination city by World Tourism Organization. In 2007, the city received 31.18 million tourists both here and abroad, among them there were one million foreign tourists. The total tourism revenue achieves 23.73 billion Yuan that year.


6. Broader financing channels and better financial system. Currently, all kinds of financial institutions in Xi'an are centralized and have formed a perfect finance system as professional banks and insurance agent for main part. As the entry of foreign banks such as Hong Kong Bank of East Asia, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and other famous public accounting firm like Price Waterhouse Coopers, Xi'an's position as the regional finance center and capital market is more prominent. In 2007, the bank balance of financial institutions has reached 456.031 billion Yuan, and these institutions could supply perfect financial service for all kinds of enterprises. In future, Xi'an will vigorously nurture and develop the capital market, continually accelerating the Xi'an high quality enterprises to list both in China and abroad and make the listed companies be stronger and better. Simultaneously, Xi'an vigorously develops bond market to make the accented terms and capable companies can raise bund through issuing debentures.

7. Six investment platforms with prominent character and general service have formed. Currently, Xi'an has formed new economic development pattern, which was called "Four Zones and Two Bases". They are high and new technology industrial development zone, economic technical development zone, Qujiang new zone, Chanba ecotype, Yanliang aviation high technology industry base and Xi'an aviation scientific and technological industry base. "Four Zones and Two Bases" is the concentrating area, accretion area and modern new demonstration plot of leading industry in Xi'an. Among them, Xi'an high and new technology industrial development zone is one of four high-tech parks that first join the APEC science and technology industrial park network in China. Its comprehensive strength always remains in the top five among 53 national level development zones of the whole country. Now she is trying hard to become the "six world class parks". Later the principle of high and new technology industrial development zone will give a special introduction. Economic and technology development zone mainly constructs modern manufacturing base and export processing base, which is a park that contains most of the transnational manufacturing corporations in northwest. Qujiang new zone is the national cultural industry model park. It shows the Chinese culture, reveals historical heritage and reflects the image of the ancient city. Chanba ecotope develops regional economy by valley harnessing, and exploits new area to support ecological construction. The goal is to build a new synusiologic city concentrates exhibition and business, tourism and leisure, and ecological residence industry. Yanliang aviation high technology industry base is the only national level aviation high technology industry base in China. It concentrates the aircraft design, manufacture, test in a whole, is the biggest aircraft city in Asia and be named "Chinese Seattle". Xi'an aviation scientific and technological industry base is constructed by Xi'an and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation together. It mainly develops information technology, new space material, special space technology application and so on, which revolves around space carrying power and space technology application industry. A high technology industry cluster has formed to spur the regional economy.

8. A good investment environment that suitable for start and develop business. Xi'an locates in the center of the central Shaanxi plain, which also is the rare city contains many hills and water in the interior of China. In recent years, Xi'an increased the urban construction investment year by year, and the condition of urban infrastructure construction has been further completed, the city's main road network has formed basically, the framework of the city is becoming wider. The condition of urban road, virescence, supply of gas, water, electricity and heat, telecommunications, sewage and waste disposal is becoming more completed. The water supply is about 289.76 million cubic meters each year, and the standard rate of urban drinking water source is 100%, which means the water quality is the best in all of the big cities. The natural gas supply is about 674 million cubic meters, and the area of heat supply is 274.7 million cubic meters. Xi'an has more than 290 days with good air, the urban combined service function promotes obviously, and living environment quality rose markedly. Comparing with the east and midland of China, Xi'an has the prominent comparing advantage on low investment cost. The international service level in Xi'an enhance unceasingly: English voice service in public, English navigation service hotmail 960110, more completed English mark and more and more self-contained facilities to meet foreigners ‘repast, amusement and recreation and body-building requirements. Some important tourist attractions such as Shaanxi History Museum have been opened to city resident freely. A mount of public latrines have been completed and are also free. These are all the symbol of international service. In order to make foreigners to live and work in peace and contentment here, Xi'an International School has been set up according to the international educational standard, which supplies a good educational condition for the children of foreign businessmen and prevents the foreign parents to worry about their children’s education.

Xi'an is not only ancient, but modern; it is not only an ancient city with abundant historical and cultural heritage, but also a thriving, dynamic and modern city full of hope.